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You have received a catalog because one of the dealers featured designated you as a preferred client in appreciation of past business.  This private sale catalog offers you an opportunity to acquire unique antiques and art objects at below trade pricing.  HOW THE PROMOTION WORKS

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HOW THE PROMOTION WORKS: Enter the promotion code in the box above along with your email address to view the catalog online and see which items have already been sold.  You can purchase an item from each dealer for a 50%, a 40% and a 30% discount valid for any item from any dealer in the catalog.   Note of urgency: Please realize that about 4,000 other people have received this catalog therefore you will want to contact the respective dealers directly and  AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Only the catalog items are being offered for this promotion.
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You can opt to receive future catalogs and special offers from us (see Register me above).  Just because you received a catalog this time does not mean that you will receive future catalogs from another set of dealers, unless you check the box above.

REMOVAL FROM LIST: If you prefer not to receive catalogs in the future, please email us and type into the SUBJECT line: "Catalog removal" and tell us who you are so we know who to remove.
IF YOU LANDED ON THIS PAGE WITHOUT HAVING RECEIVED A CATALOG, and would like to be included in future catalog mailings, please email us with a dealer recommendation (someone you have purchased from in the past). If they meet our criteria for membership in this site, and subsequently join, then you will be place on the Private Sale mailing list. Alternatively, contact one of the dealers in this site and request that they contact us to put you on our list.